First Day of Work, Purchasing Pants, Long Commutes


This is a picture of me during my day trip to the Monkey Temple and this other temple with a triple Buddha statue (I forget the name of it).  I have many pictures from this trip–the only way to really convey it all, so I’d rather bypass details and leave it to you guys and gals to Facebook away and take a gander at my photographed ventures.

So, today I realized that there is nothing more than this weather to justify my lifelong arguments against my mother about not knowing what to wear.  Between cultural appropriateness and the fervent heat, the point remains: I have no idea what to wear.  There you go, mom.

This morning I left with my fellow intern at about 8:45 in the morning for my first day of work.  After all, that is why I am here anyways.  After the long commute to work, I hung out in the office for a bit until the volunteer coordinator, Sweta, came to talk to me and introduce herself.  It was really great.  She had some of the most flawless English I’ve heard since being here so that was impressive.  She recalled things from my resume and cover letter and asked me about my plans for further education.  She voiced to me that they have a very free-flowing system.  I am supposed to read up on some of their publications about child labor initiatives and sexual abuse cases, then I am allowed to decide what it is I want to do for my work along with their help.  Tomorrow I am doing a field visit to a Drop-in Center for children to receive informal education for free prior to schooling.  They pull domestic laborer children out of bad situations to receive education at these centers.  I am very excited to visit.  My big project, most likely, will be to work on documentation and filing for cases of sexual assault and abuse in Kathmandu so that victims may receive proper defense and a fair trial.  I am really excited about my first day.  I was unfortunately very tired during the day and tended to doze off a bit.  OH well!

I had a wonderful lunch as well of Momo’s and Sprite.  With the water situation, Sprite has tended to be my drink of choice.  And between the 96 servings of Dal Bhat a day, I’ve begun to thoroughly enjoy the glorious steamed vegetable dumpling that is a Momo.  Today, talks of an impending yoga retreat have begun as well as the beginnings of a game I like to call, Which Extreme Sport Will You Engage In?  I’ve considered canyon jumping.  overall, I’m not bungeeing, but I’d try other stuff.  I bought some more clothes today.  I am going to miss these prizes back at the states, although I did look at some very expensive Buddha statues and Teapots today, they ranged from about 60 to 100 US dollars.

I am very excited to go to the field tomorrow to really experience what it is my organization does.  Behind the layers of culture shock, sweat, frizzy hair, dog barking, and pollution lies an incredible experience, and I am only at the starting point.


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