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Namaste friends and family!

I have been living in Kathmandu for a little over 2 weeks now, and I have been enjoying every moment of my stay.  In is, indeed, a different world here.  Everything from formalities in speaking and body language to the streets, the towns, and the architecture are all so different from everything to which I am accustomed.  I have been assigned a new project through the Nepali organization through which I am volunteering at a non-profit to help with some promotion work for an outstanding, innovation, and socially responsible non-profit that operates in my very own home here in Nepal.  Didi’s Foundation addresses the issue of women’s empowerment while also including skill training and embodying the essence of a community of women.  Many of the women who now work, sewing and knitting sellable goods with Didi’s Foundation, originate from rural Nepal, which tends to be much poorer than the city sector.  Some women are widowed, some have husbands who work internationally or live apart from home working as trekking or hiking guides, and many are mothers.  All of the women, even those who are married and whose husbands are financially stable, are at Didi’s so that they may learn to be self-sustaining individuals with minds for business and craftsmanship.  The women desire to learn a skill while also learning the value of not having to rely on a spouse or other family member.  In case you haven’t met me, I am an empowered woman and women’s empowerment is an initiative that I hold dear to me heart.    Too often are women told that they must be reliant instead of reliable, weak instead of strong, less educated instead of more educated.  This happens in our own American society as well.  It’s just here you can really feel it more.

I have not exchanged much more than smiles with the women who work in the Didi’s studio on the bottom floor of my home here, but I have been touched by what little I do know.  So, here’s the important part.  Help keep this organization going and help keep it going in such a way that the women feel great pride in all they do.  Didi’s website accepts donations to the organization; it also lists photographs of many of the designs and products that the women of Didi’s Foundation make.  I ask you to please consider either donating to or purchasing from Didi’s.  Although the prices are not listed on the website, I will be able to price out any requests you may have through the organization.  Individuals may e-mail me at to inquire about a specific item(s) that they may want to purchase.  Please include your name, which items you would like, and color choices.  I will be sure to e-mail back with a price quote concerning the purchase.  Additionally, I will have a link on my fundraising site, and from there individuals may hit that donate button and transfer money for whichever products he or she wishes to purchase, after I have cleared the amounts via e-mail.  For any questions please contact me and I will work as a link between Didi’s Foundation and you, the customer and supporter.  These women are proud of what they produce, but more importantly they are proud of what their material production represents—sustainability, independence, empowerment.



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